How To Get The Most Out Of Short Workout

So you have just ten, fifteen, twenty minutes to workout. It’s not enough, you think, so why even bother, right? Well, you might want to hold that thought. There are a lot of ways to stay lean and active. You can walk from work, you can skip the elevator, you can do a lot of different things that will make you move. What you can also do is take those ten-twenty minutes to really work through your weak points.

That’s right, you can take that time to strengthen your core, glutes, or work on your posture. You can lift weights or work with resistance bands to improve muscle definition and density. Shortly speaking, it’s not useless.

Woman doing one-legged bridge

Work Up A Sweat

If your goal is to lose some weight HIIT with some weights is your best bet. It packs a lot of exercises into a small period of time and really makes your heart and, in fact, whole body work. Do it at a maximum effort and you’ll be left energized for the day without a risk of burning out. Make sure to stay active throughout the day and eat healthy for optimal results.

Work One Muscle Group

With such short workouts you can afford working one muscle group every day without taking too much time to recover. You can do two exercises back to back in order to not only save time but also make those muscles work hard. If you do some walking throughout the day, it defenintely won’t hurt.

Strengthen Weak Muscles

If you are having posture problems or body aches this is a perfect time frame for working through those weaknesses and make your chiropractor proud. Besides it’s hard to keep your spine healthy with a sedentary style as it is. Letting those weaknesses and small aches grow bigger and more serious might take a toll on your everyday life and easier tasks than the workout. Getting sore out of bed in the morning is no joke. Use yoga poses, stretches, and various exercises recommended by your healthcare provider for your case of posture problems and commit to doing them as a workout.





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