Rope Jumping As Machine Cardio Alternative

Machine cardio can be such a drage unless you’re training moderately or slowly while watching something on TV, which isn’t always possible in the gym and time-wise. Rope jumping is intense, varied, and challenging. Besides, you cannot do it for as long as you’re doing machine cardio, so it also saves time.

Woman rope jumping

Rope Jumping Benefits

But besides this, rope jumping has other interesting benefits. Besides being a great calorie-burner rope jumping improves your coordination while you’re learning all the variations and tricks.

What also makes it great is the fact that it strengthens your feet and ankles, which prevents injuries to these fragile parts. Your calves can also benefit immensely from rope jumping, which can help them grow and become more shapely.

Finally, rope jumping can help your mind too. It was found that jumping does not only improve spacial awareness but also reading skills and memory. Throw in better dynamyc balance and breathing and you should be sold on adding rope jumping to your program. Besides you can do it anywhere and any time.

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