Why It Is Important To Maintain Weight

So I see this every scorching summer – bikini body’s on, come fall bikini body’s off and that’s till spring comes or new year starts and people run to the gym to build themselves anew. Boy, 99% of us probably did this at least once till some of us realized that it’s a no good way to go.

Why Maintain Weight


You’ve probably heard a million times that keeping weight is important. Big fluctuations aren’t good for your skin, mood, and self-esteem. But it’s not just about the skin and it’s not only about big fluctuations either.

You Learn Discipline

A goal not to gain any weight might be even better for your discipline than losing it. You won’t be dieting forever and once you stop you’d probably want to enjoy all those foods you cut out for your dieting period. Here’s where a maintenance goal can prevent you from gaining it all back. Just try it as an experiment. Calculate your calories, balance your macros and stop gaining all that winter weight.

You Don’t Get Stretch Marks

While stretch marks might still occur during puberty when a body starts actively growing or during pregnancy in women it is usually easy to avoid them by simply not gaining or losing weight especially rapidly.

You Look Good

Let’s be honest even 5 pounds can make a difference especially in shorter people when it comes to appearance. And those 5 pounds can be quite hard to lose too. And thus they keep piling on or you just go back and forth gaining and losing them. Don’t allow yourself go beyond a certain comfortable weight where you are content with your composition and muscle tone. This will ensure you can go back to vacation any day of the year and not worry about looking good.

You Don’t Have to Diet

Dieting is hard for everyone. On the one hand, you want to make sure you’re comfortable and not cut the calories too much, on the other, you want the quickest results. This leads to all sorts of problems but the fact of the matter is if you’ve dieted to your goal weight, don’t mess it up. Take control over your appetite by any means necessary be it a food journal, calorie counting, or simply implementing a 80/20 rule for your everday diet. Think about all the discomfort you’ve just been through, how come you don’t get if you’ll have to go through all of it again?

On this note I’d like to point out that the bodybuilding ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ phases aren’t ideal for most people. Most people can’t bulk without adding much more fat than muscle to their frames. We aren’t all genetically blessed to do that. And cutting hard later can lead to binging, overeating and all kinds of other eating problems especially in the beginners.

So here is a good strategy to anyone willing to finally turn their life around this year. Once you join the gym, get serious. Don’t waste time on all the bulking, cutting, but bulking cycles. Regardless if whether or not you have excess fat hit the weights and make sure to progress as you become stronger.

Since the first gains come pretty easy you don’t even need a surplus of calories. Muscle will grow. Of course, if you need to lose lots of fat you will need to add cardio. Don’t lose this moment. Build your body by balancing out your proportions and enjoy it by maintaining your results. With time as your skin shrinks to accomodate your new body you’ll look even better.

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