Working Out Your Whole Body Is Important

Many people often say that they’d be okay with their bodies if only they managed to get rid of their belly, leg fat, or some other problem area they’re struggling with. Well, here is where the ‘good’ advice comes in. People are said to do crunches to get a six pack, squats for butt, and other targeted exercises. In reality everything is much less straightforward and more complicated than this.

Why Do Full Body Work

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Doing a lot of crunches alone won’t give you a six pack but may well surely give you a hunchback and a lot of back pain. Overextension of spine is bad for the discs and the hip muscles that get worked in those leg lifting ab exercises get shortened and painful.

Squatting to get a round butt is another common advice that leads to women grow bigger quads and develop bad knees. A lot of people have already wrote about this but the notion still lingers but the reality is you first need to activate and strengthen your glutes to be able to benefit from squats.

Other common exercise advice doesn’t seem to exist. It’s all abs or glutes. Well, there is a notion that if you’ve got big legs you need lots of cardio to thin them out. And it works but to a point, after which your upper body starts to look too skinny so that the bones show through while youur legs still may seem too big for you.

When you don’t train your entire body (regardless through splits or full body work) your lagging muscles remain weak while your dominant muscles may not even get engaged (doing only crunches does little to increase body fitness). This assymetry may lead to various problems and aches in the body besides taking away from your appearance. So when you do ab work make sure to invest the same if not more effort into developing your back.

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