How To Boost Your Metabolism

Embarking on a fitness journey you’ve probably heard how metabolism is important and the faster it is the better for weight loss and the amount of food one can consume. Well, metabolism, is a set of process that keep pur body functioning. It also converts food into energy. Metabolism boosting strategies involve all kinds of temporary solutions like drinking ice cold water or eating spicy foods, but here are some changes to lifestyle that can make a real difference.

Boost Your Metabolism

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Strength Training

Strength training revs up metabolism like nothing else. Heavier weights help build muscle and muscle helps burn more calories. Also the post strength workout recovery period requires a lot of energy, which boosts metabolism for days after the workout.

High Intensity Training

High intensity training is great for burning off fat. It produces the after burn of about 36 houts post training and also requires a lot of energy. Try circuit or HIIT training to give your metabolilsm a boost and shed fat while also building muscle.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can make a permanent positive change to your metabolism too. While fatty fried foods make it sluggish and slow fiber-loaded vitamin-packed nutrient dense foods like vegetables and fruit make your GI work and give you more energy. Also make sure to ip your protein intake to match your training to keep muscles sustained and growing. Remember, they burn twice as more calories as fat.

Sleep also influences metabolism so the lack of it may lead to metabolic disorders. Get between seven to nine hours of sleep as it also promotes proper recovery after heavy lifting.

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