3 Exercises To Add To Your Routine To Maximize Calorie Burn

When you’re set on losing fat, metabolic training along wih some steady state cardio and of course appropriate diet makes for the best fat loss combination. Don’t forget the heavy weighting part of your training but your focus is on spending more energy and burning more fat with each workout.

These three exercises are great for maximizing results and making sure you really put in the work. They elevate your heart rate and take real effort to perform so they burn a lot of energy. Follow that up with some steady state cardio (around 20-30 minutes) and be sure to see the results.

Exercises To Maximize Calorie Burn

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swing 


Don’t hate on burpees. They are tough but so is burning off the fat that is actually a part of your body, a living organism. It takes effort and you are sure to provide it by doing a few sets of burpees within your workout. Make them harder by performing them with a kettlebell or changing up variations.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell exercises are said to burn a lot of calories and swing is the best for working your whole body. Make sure to push forward with your glutes to minimize pressure on the lower back and also make sure you work the butt.

Step Up With A Jump

Want defined calves? Pick up a couple of dumbbells and find a bench, a chair, a jump box and step on it with your right foot bringing your body up making a small jump on your toes. Go back down and switch legs, repeat 15 times.

Each and every one of these exercises make me sweat and work hard every time. Combine it into a circuit, add jump rope and you’ve got yourself a killer workout.

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