How And Why Train Gluteus Medius

Gluteus maximus is the Instagram’s darling right now and it doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. Well, whilen you’re trying to make it grow there are some exercises you have to do to make sure your gluteus medius is getting stronger too. Why?

Well, for one it helps your body do most of the same things that the maximus muscles does like bending forward and sideways. Aesthetically it helps the booty get rounder and bigger (although shape is still strongly dictated by genetics).

Gluteus Medius Training Tips

While most butt exercises engage gluteus medius to some degree it might be useful to strengthen your gluteus medius with some direct work especially if you have low back area problems and you’re a runner.

Weak glutes are bad for everyone but runners especially. So add a few of these exercises to your workout as part of a warm-up or as fininshing moves.

Fire hydrant

Woman performing fire hydrant exercise

Fire hydrant has the same starting position as the donkey kick, only you lift your leg sideways. You can add ankle weights or squeeze a dumbbell with your leg at the knee to make this move a little more challenging.



Clam works your abductors and can be done at home everyday with elastic band for further strengthening effect.

One-legged deadlift


One-legged squat is a very difficult exercise especially for novices with weark glutes. When you’ve progressed enough in your regular deadlifts you can try a one-legged deadlift to hit that gluteus medius with some significant weight training.

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