How To Fulfill Your New Year Fitness Resolution

It’s that time of year again when people are starting to think about what awaits them in the nearest future that also happens to be the beginning of the new year. Clean slate. Blank canvas. New opportunities. In reality it’s just like every other year. It just feels like the beginning of something new and better. But without your effort it will always just be another year.

New Year Fitness Resolution Done Right

If you, however, are strongly determined to make some changes this time around, I’d suggest to start today, tomorrow. Give your new ‘you’ a couple of extra weeks to get to your goal. Holidays won’t go anywhere and you don’t have to diet through them. Here are some other things, not to do if you want to fulfill your New Year’s fitness resolution.

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Don’t Join The Gym

First of all, if you don’t like the gym and tried it a few times already, just stick to something you enkoy like running, HIIT, home workouts, football, hiking, or simply walking. This way you stand better chance of not quitting after a couple of weeks. Also, a surge of gym-goers increases dramatically in January making for stuffier gyms.

Don’t Diet On Holidays

Have your fun on actual holidays and start dieting right after. Make holidays time for family dinners and extra desserts, but do keep in mind that the days before and after the holiday are just regular weekdays, which are perfectly fine for dieting eventhough they are close to a holiday.

Don’t Wait Till January 1st

Seriously, make exercise a habit and it won’t be as tedious. Also you won’t have a grand plan to meet this New Year. ¬†You aren’t setting yourself up for failure by setting unreasonable expectations or certain goal dates. There is no deadline on having a great body. There is no pressure to do it immediately but there is also no point after which you are allowed to get lazy and inactive again. Keep it balanced.


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