Why Counting Calories May Be More Important Than Eating Clean

Gasp! Did I just say that something may be more important than eating clean? Well, it’s not just something, it’s calorie counting. And it’s not only important for losing weight mind you.

Counting Calories Vs. Clean Eating

Counting calories

Clean eating is being propagated by medics and fitness junkies alike because, let’s face it, it mostly works. You swap junk food for fresh produce and pounds start dropping like it’s no big deal. But that just may not work for everyone. See, since fruit and certain healthy foods are considered, well, ‘healthy’ people have a tendency to underestimate their calories especially. So here is where counting calories may prove much more effecient if you want to progress with weight loss (or weight gain).

Caloric surplus or deficit are two main factors for losing or gaining weight. Besides not tracking your macros can lead to fiber or protein deficit in your diet. An active adult who is training to build muscle requires much more protein than his non-training counterpart. Making sure you have enough carbs replenishes your energy stores for exercise (especially HIIT). Eating enough fat makes sure we aren’t losing heat, periods, and cells. Focusing solely (or should I rather say obsessing over) on clean eating may not work for people who are prone to binge eating as well.

Does it mean you should stop eating clean this instant and start gorging on piles of unhealthy foods? Well, I didn’t say that. In fact meeting your macros requirements can be quite tough without eating clean most of the time. But even if you are comitted to eating clean you should not under or overestimate the calories and macros in healthy foods. It’s all about balance. After all the principle of calories intake and calorie output is scientifically proven to be a major factor in weight control.

So next you’re trying to lose fat or put on some muscle without seeing results try looking into your calories and macros, given your workout program is top notch too.

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