3 Real Ways To Get Abs

Okay, so to me this seems like stating the obvious, but to many people abs are still about crunches, so I am writing this out. You want abs? Then there is just three steps to get them and they are simple and cheap.

Woman in sports bra and tights

Calorie Deficit

You’ve heard it so many times it hurts but have you actually tried to count how many calories you consume or burn? Try it and when you see how much you really eat start swapping simple carbs for fibre-rich foods that keep you full longer and are less calorie-dense.


Cardio burns fat, that’s a fact. Do more cardio on your non-lifting days and simply try to be more active throughout the week by taking the stairs, ditching the car, and standing versus sitting when you can.

Core Strength

It’s hard to overestimate core strength nowadays when everyone is sitting all day every day, so incorporating a few core strengthening exercises can prove useful in tightening the gut. If you’ve been crunching away your first six months of training (and chances are you have), now it’s time for something more advanced like long planks, muscle ups, and a vaccuum exercise.

That is literally it, there aren’t teas, supplements, or slimming trainers. Just quality food, movement, and some conditioning.

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