Flat Abs Myths And Facts

‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ is a popular and true line and yet we see titles like ‘intense ab workout’ and ‘killer core moves’ everywhere across the Internet that promise you a six pack or at least flat abs in a week or a month. But then why do you have to train them?

Some people would go as far as to tell you that you don’t need to train your abs directly, that compound moves like squats and deadlifts are enough to strengthen your core. And they won’r be wrong. But if you want that six pack to be really pronounced you’ll have to weight train your abs for hypertrophy. Besides those who cannot do compound exercises due to back problems would benefit by direct ab work as it will strengthen their core that is responsible for our body balance.

Six Pack And Flat Abs Myths And Facts

Flat abs

Cut Out The Carbs

While cutting down the carbs can help you lose fat, cutting them out almost completely can do more harm than good. We need carbs for energy and better performance and simple carbs are great post-workout because they can deliver protein to muscles much faster. If you’re feeling low on energy make sure to get it from complex carbs like oats and veggies and eat simple carbs (in combination with some complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats) before and after workout.

All You Need To Do Is (More) Crunches

While crunches will certainly do you some good, 1000 of those alone will do nothing to your abs. On the contrary, if you don’t do anything but crunches you’re doing your body harm hurting your back.

You Can Train Abs All Day Every Day

Abs are muscles too so they too need recovery time. Overtraining your core muscles won’t give you a six pack. Be sure to give your abs a breather between workouts.

You Can Target Belly Fat (With Some Killer Core Moves)

All of the super no-crunch ab workouts claim their exercise can help reduce belly fat. While working your core muscles will make them stronger and bigger (if you work with weights on low repetitions) you still cannot spot reduce fat. Otherwise everyone would do it.

Once You Get A Six Pack You’ve Got It For Life

If you can still gain fat you can lose your six pack. Eating clean and training properly will help you maintain your form and abs but once you stop doing that you will gain fat that will cover the six pack and hide it from sight.

So while ab work sculpts your abs, excess fat might be covering all of your hard work from sight. That’s why abs are made in the kitchen. It’s important to eat clean and keep your workouts regular in order to keep fat layer thin enough to show your abs.

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