Yep, There Is New Mirror Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are getting more and more sophisticated by the day. Some include hot new features like voice control while others work to improve your workout efficiency. Naked Labs (founded by two engineers) has gone a bit left and farther with their mirror fitness tracker built with a sophisticated 3D scanner that can measure body fat percentage and weight. But that’s not all. With it, the creators claim, you can track your body metrics as you progress (or not), which includes muscle gain, fat loss thanks to their heat map highlights that show areas where you’re gaining and losing muscle/fat. Wow.

The data is transferred to the mobile app where you can see and compare your progress.

The gadget itself looks like a regular mirror and sleek scales, which you can use as originally purposed. Although most significant changes don’t require sophisticated gadgets to gauge, the mirror and scales alone don’t give you the minute progressions that your body makes. And seeing even the tiniest progress can boost someone’s motivation to go on. So, if you can’t wait to see your gym efforts paying off I guess this would be the tracker to get. There is just one downside, no one really knows how accurate it is till someone tests it and it costs $499+$50 shipping cost and is only available in US.

Mirror Fitness Tracker

Woman looking into fitness tracker mirro


Mirror tracker app

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