What’s TRX And How To Use It Effectively

If you’ve¬†been stuck in a fitness rut for weeks now it’s maybe the time to rethink your strategy and try something new. TRX is another fitness thing that’s been trending recently. Invented by a former NAVY seal Randy Hetrick who¬†wanted to be able to train as effectively during his deployment overseas as he did back at home, TRX is a portable trainer that is versatile and easy to use. It’s a simple piece of gear for a full body workout with numerous challenging exercises to explore.

Suspension Training with TRX

TRX Suspension Trainer

What’s TRX

If you haven’t heard of suspension training yet it may be worth your while to look into it. It’s a good way to shake up your routine and challenge your body anew. It’s good for those who want to strengthen their core, increase flexibility and balance. The resistance is provided by one’s own bodyweight but the suspensions themselves help challenge one’s sense of balance and strength.

How To Use It

TRX is portable and can be used indoors, outdoors apart from the gym. Do push ups, rows, lunges, crunches, presses, practice pistol squats, and other exercises using TRX. Familiar moves might now seem a lot more challenging than they used to. You can perform sequences of exercises if you want to train a certain body part or just the whole body.

When performing the exercises make sure to engage your core and other muscles that you’re training. Keep your balance and watch out for your form and technique.

Where To Install

Trees, metal bars, posts, and other sturdy objects that can withstand your weight can be used to perform any exercise you wish to perform.

There are many exercises to learn and re-try with suspension training. It can also effectively improve your bodyweight training routine.

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