Circuit, HIIT, Yoga: What Fitness Program To Choose

So we’ve talked about diet and came to a conclusion that each of those were made to their own purpose. The same is with a fitness program really. There are so many workouts out there, you can try a new class every day. But eventually, you’ll have to stick to something, right? Or not.

Choose Fitness Program According To Your Goal

While these following fitness programs may be different they all have a common purpose – to get you in shape. Anything you choose will work especially in the beginning when your body hasn’t adjusted to the load yet and if you are in a cloric deficit, the pounds will be melting off.



Circuit Training

Circuit training is like HIIT where exercises are performed back to back with no rest but with less intensity. There could be up to eight exercises in one circuit and each requires you to perform a certain set of reps. Sounds great doesn’t it? I’m telling you, this stuff works wonders even if you don’t count calories (of course, when you watch what you eat and don’t overeat). You can perform it at your local gym or sign up for a class of Ski-Fit, or Speedflex. If interested in something boot camp-like go for a course of SealFit.


You probably heard the term barre workout. I know I have, but had no clue as to what it was. Well, barre is based on ballet though you don’t have to be a professional ballerina to take a class. A low impact, one hour workout is done in a group to some music focusing on form and high intensity. If you are into group classes barre sounds like something you’d like. They use a ball, a tube, and light weights and the exercises are performed in front of a mirror. Think ballet practice.


The Tabata Protocol invented by professor Izumi Tabata is a version of HIIT where you alternate the intense 20 second of exercise with 10 seconds of rest. You can perform Tabata with any type of exercise and build muscles while burning major calories.


Since we wrote about it in depth, in a nutshell CrossFit is a combination of strength and cardio that challenges both mind and body. A competitive sport in its own right CrossFit has gained immense popularity and is making converts over the globe. Each workout is different and you get to improve your weights or your endurance from session to session as you try to make as many reps per priod of time or complete as many rounds of exercises as possible.

Woman, push up plank

Push up plank

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is quite popular. It’s the type of strength training that makes you use your own body weight instead of free weights or machines. This is a perfect training program for those without access to gym equipment. You can perform all those push ups, pull ups, and planks at home.

Boot Camp

Boot camps are still popular. Millitary-based workouts burn tons of calories and they are often performed outdoors. Think high intensity strength group class.

Combo Class

Ever heard of piloxing? Well, it’s a kind of unlikely combination of pilates, boxing, and dance. The key gear? Weighted gloves. Yes, you dance, box, and perform standing pilates while wearing those weighted gloves. It’s a muscle-toning cardio class for those who want to try something new. You can also consider FitSteps, Fierce, or Popdance Energy as an alternative to Zumba.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness programs mimic the everyday movements we have to perform to complete certain tasks. Functional fitness incorporates them into the program to help strengthen the body and make those tasks easier. This is great for older generation and people recovering from injuries.

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