How To Bounce Back Quickly After Holidays

The worst happened and you’ve noticed that your jeans are getting tights and you haven’t had a Christmas turkey yet. Well, there are quite a few ways to make bouncing back not as bad and as quick as possible.

How To Bounce Back From Holidays


Hamster eating a cookie

There will always be ‘just one more’, it’s a trap

Christmas Workout

Sounds crazy? Well, what if you tried to make it a nice family time instead of an actual sweat session. Go caroling, walking, or playing with kids outdoors. This will get your blood going and will put those calories to work.

New Year’s Eve Outdoors

If you live in a city it can be very easy to celebrate New Year outdoors. Going to the streets with friends carrying only Bengal lights is a great way to celebrate the countdown. A glass of champagne may be mandatory but no need for a cocktail party.

Starting Clean

Many people are doing it and failing miserably but you can still try. Starting a year with cleaner diet is a great thing. Don’t cut out everything good just yet. Start making small changes on January 1 and keep moving in order to speed up the process. Find the sport you can do everyday or activities you enjoy and lift weights occasionally to keep in better shape.

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