3 Heavy Things To Use As Weights

When you’re out of gym and have no access to weight room you might notice that your muscles are becoming a bit soft and your progress is understandably hindered. But it doesn’t mean you cannot train at home using your body weight or high resistance bands to either get in shape or keep it taut. If these have become too light for you, however, here are three more heavy things to use as weights while training at home.

Woman tire


Small tires may not weigh as much, but they weigh something. Power lifters sometimes use entire wheels on their barbells instead of traditional weights and some actually use stacked hanging tires as punchbag for boxing practice. Besides the really big tires are great for that CrossFit flipping exercise for the core.

Sand Bag

If you don’t have access to big tires a sand bag can do great. It can be a special bought bag or any old one filled with sand in a plastic (to prevent sand spills). You can add or remove sand when you feel necessary. Not the perfect solution but gets the job done when you have to train squats.

Water Jugs

You can use water jugs instead of dumbbells. They aren’t very convenient especially in lunges but you can fill the smaller ones with rocks and metal instead of taking big ones filled with water that will touch the floor when you lunge. The only other setback to these is the angled handles, so if you find the ones with more comfortable straight ones better use them.

What have you used to weight train when you couldn’t go to the gym?

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