How To Work Out On The Cheap

With the ClassPass jumping up to $190 per month and people freaking over it, I decided it’d be a fitting post to write. How to stay in shape if you’re nearly broke or have no money for gym membership? First of all, always remember that being lean is mostly due to diet. If it’s clean and simple, it’s easier to see results even without all the fancy training equipment or ‘fat-scorching’ classes. What you need work out for is shaping your weight in the form that you like, working on proportions. With this knowledge let’s see what you can do without spending a ton of money on your workouts.

Work Out On The Cheap

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Get Obsessed with Bodyweight Training

Many girls squat with a barbell but how many can do ten strict pull ups or even push ups without collapsing or losing good form? Well, here’s your secret to sculpted arms and back. It will be as hard and challenging but the difference is that you can do it at home or in the park mixing it up with running or walking and some plyometrics if you want. You know the basic moves, the hardest part is to push yourself and do the best you can.

Go Running

Running is practically free. Invest in running shoes rather than clothes and you’re all set. There is a ton of running apps that can tell you your stats like speed, distance, and even an approximate number of burnt calories. Add in jumping jacks or bench jumps and step ups and you will get even more leg workout. Before starting running though make sure to spend at least two weeks strengthening glutes and legs with these basic moves.

Join Community

If you were dismayed with ClassPass price change you likely enjoy working out in a company. Well, instead of paying for classes, find your local community of runners, cyclists, or crossfitters and make some like-minded friends. You can compete and challenge each other in your favorite activity and chat before or after the workout giving each other tips and moral support. If this isn’t an option you can involve your partner, kids, or dog to keep you company.

Find Trainers On YouTube

Trainers like Gillian Michaels have their own video training programs. Sure they cost money but you can do them over and over again. If you don’t have money though YouTube’s got plenty of talent that share their workouts for free and by mixing and matching them up you can whip yourself into shape especially if you stick with a healthy diet.

Get Cheap Gear

Finally you can spend a little on some multipurpose gear like an adjustable kettlebell or a resistance band and get a lot of different workouts from it. You can do intense circuits using just a kettlebell and some bodyweight moves. A high resistance band can help you shape glutes like nothing else and you can also do a lot of moves with things like TRX.

Find friends and activity you enjoy together, keep track of what you’re eating and you won’t need any ClassPass to keep you fit.


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