How To Build A Strong Sexy Back

While 2015 was still mostly about glutes, more and more women realize the beauty and importance of strong back muscles. There are quite a few ways to build a beautiful strong back but as usual I would advice against heavily concentrating on just one aspect of your training or one body part. Simply divide your time between your back and backside.

Build A Strong And Sexy Back

Woman with a strong back

There are many back exercises out there but rows are the best at targeting the big muscles and can be performed with barbells and dumbbells alike. You can build strength by starting with dumbbells and picking up barbell as you grow stronger. You can also train one side at a time.

But if you are truly serious about building a strong back you’ll need to master basic¬†bodyweight moves like pull ups and push ups that are quite challenging especially for women. These will help you build noth only musclce but strength in your entire upper body giving your stronger arms and shoulders in the process.

Deadlifts are awesome not only because they can give your the coveted backside and ham curve but also make your back stronger. Be sure to drive weight through the heels with your glutes and squeeze your back when you’re back in the upright position. This will give you a double bang for the buck.

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